Tru Glider by Integrity Hifi

Tru Glider tonearm

Truglider stand alone turntable record player tone arm

Another genius product from Integrity Hifi. This is one of the best tonearms ever built. Here are the product’s features:

  • Floating tonearm, designed with minimal contact and friction
  • Monofilament Dacron holding the arm
  • No anti-skate required
  • Almost perfect azimuth
  • Includes Nasotec swing headshell ensures minimum offset angle and stylus stays tangent to the groove
  • TruLift for lowering and automatic arm raising
  • Stand-alone unit, no drilling or attachment required
  • Can be used as a main or secondary tonearm
  • Less than 2 hours set up time
  • Surgical steel construction
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Five star applause from Stereonet-UK

Starting at $5900.00 CAD based on the turntable size.

Please contact for details. 416 456 0042 or