Trulift is one of the best accessories for a record player, if not the best. Very high-quality artistry and materials ensure that this is a one-time investment. Trulift protects your cartridge and your vinyl. You do not have to run to your record player when the record finishes anymore.


TRDSB        TRULIFT DELUXE PKG BRASS                   $349

TRDSS        TRULIFT DELUXE PKG Stanless Steel       $299

TR1SS          TRULIFT MODEL#1                                       $225

TR2SS         TRULIFT MODEL#2                                       $225

TR3SS         TRULIFT MODEL#3                                       $225

TR4SS         TRULIFT MODEL#4                                       $225

TRT1200    TRULIFT SPECIAL for Technics                   $350    (PRE ORDER 2-3day)

TRVPSS1    TRULIFT MODEL#1 W solid base                $299

TRVPSS2   TRULIFT MODEL#2 W solid base                $299

TRVPSS3   TRULIFT MODEL#3 W solid base                $299

TRVPSS4   TRULIFT MODEL#4 W solid base                $299

TRVPSS8   TRULIFT MODEL XL #4 + 2x base               $349   (Recommended for RP-8)

TRVPSS10 TRULIFT MODEL XXL #4 + 3 base              $399 (Recommended for RP-10)

All models are usually in stock unless pre-order is specified, PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING.