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Unison Research Reference Pre Tube Preamplifier

After Unison Research completed the design of our flagship Reference monoblock power amplifiers, they created a need for a preamplifier with the same features and sound quality. They came up with a preamplifier design worthy of that series, the Reference PRE. Made with the care and attention to detail that characterizes all products from Unison Research, the Reference PRE preamplifier is truly another milestone in audio reproduction.

Unison Research Reference Pre Preamplifier Specifications

Type: tube preamplifier, dual mono, three chassy

Tube: 2 x 300B, 2 x ECC82, 4 x ECC83, 6 x 6C45P

Class: pure class A

Inputs: 4 line (2 balanced), 1 tape, 2 phono

Input impedance : 47 Kohm line inputs, set for phono
1 unbalanced and balanced, 1 tape (active), 1 sub woofer (active),

2 remote switch on for power REREFENCE

Output impedance: 500 ohm

Volume control: radio

Power consumption: 320 W max

Dimensions: 41,5 x 57 x h 22

Net Weight: Kg. 25